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Small repair victory 

Just trying to share some beauty as I am finding everything to be a bit much at the moment. Pink dogwood found in my neighborhood this afternoon.

uspol (-) 

Cool board dev/embedded dev extra hands 

I dug this out of my library yesterday. I forgot how very vaporwave the cover is.

Using deft and org-mode in Emacs to take notes about the important things I learned from the fediverse today...

A friend just texted this to me. Now I share the joy (and pain). Sorry not sorry.

Every time I see some of these images of Jupiter from Juno, I marvel like I did to Voyagers' photos of Jupiter as a kid in elementary school.

Amazon delivery to your car? 

"NASA’s Juno spacecraft captured this impressive image revealing a band of swirling clouds in Jupiter's northern latitudes during Juno’s close flyby on Nov. 3, 2019. Small pop-up storms can also be seen rising above the lighter areas of the clouds, most noticeably on the right side of the image."

Gyro-X 1967 concept vehicle 

Hey! Look what I spotted on the magazine rack while I was out getting a replacement light switch.

Semiconductor chip with a window and it's not a camera 

There will always be a special place in my heart for those people who reimport "international edition" textbooks to the US. Over the years they have made so much knowledge accessible to me and, I assume, many others.

I'm a wannabe keyboard hacker 

Snow in March? It's supposed to clear out in a few hours, but still surprising.

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