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Them: [gesturing widely and speaking loudly through respirators] "We're here on our honeymoon, can you take our picture?"
Me: [Nods and gives thumbs up sign]

Welp, we had a good run of clean air this summer. But winds are bringing in the smoke of nearby wildfires. Maybe we'll get lucky and this will be brief.

Playing playdoh with the kiddo tonight. You know, it's not the greatest thing in the world, but the kiddo made growly sounds when they saw it, so I'll consider that a win.

(It's kind of surreal to do normal things while the world is on fire, especially my local world... but here I am.)

Pics from a little break from yesterday 

I got to spend some time outdoors with a couple of my favorite people yesterday. It was a nice break from... [gestures broadly around myself]... I hope other people are able to do the same from time to time.

Small repair victory 

The decanter lid on our cheap coffee maker lost a "hinge pin" on one side, threatening my supply of life sustaining caffeine. I looked into buying a replacement lid from the manufacturer. Although they listed the part, they also said it was unavailable. So I improvised a new set of "hinge pins" by careful application of a drill and using a threaded rod and some nuts. As long as the caffeine keeps dripping, it'll do...

Just trying to share some beauty as I am finding everything to be a bit much at the moment. Pink dogwood found in my neighborhood this afternoon.

uspol (-) 

Love to get Trump branded health advice (and also a poorly disguised campaign flyer on govt. dime). Feelin' better already. :(

Cool board dev/embedded dev extra hands 

PCBite tools seem pretty neat.

Seen in the "Embedded Muse".

I dug this out of my library yesterday. I forgot how very vaporwave the cover is.

Using deft and org-mode in Emacs to take notes about the important things I learned from the fediverse today...

A friend just texted this to me. Now I share the joy (and pain). Sorry not sorry.

Every time I see some of these images of Jupiter from Juno, I marvel like I did to Voyagers' photos of Jupiter as a kid in elementary school.

Amazon delivery to your car? 

I guess Amazon has been pushing to be allowed entry to all our personal l spaces: home, garage, and even the car.

"NASA’s Juno spacecraft captured this impressive image revealing a band of swirling clouds in Jupiter's northern latitudes during Juno’s close flyby on Nov. 3, 2019. Small pop-up storms can also be seen rising above the lighter areas of the clouds, most noticeably on the right side of the image."

Gyro-X 1967 concept vehicle 

"The brainchild of Alex Tremulis, famous stylist and Automobile Hall of Fame inductee, and Thomas Summers, a gyroscope expert, the Gyro-X is a two-wheeled, gyroscopically-stabilized prototype vehicle constructed in 1967. Proposed as a possible solution for future transportation, the two-wheeled vehicle provided many thought-provoking ideas for revolutionizing transportation."

Hey! Look what I spotted on the magazine rack while I was out getting a replacement light switch.

Semiconductor chip with a window and it's not a camera 

For reasons, I was going through boxes I hadn't touched for over ten years. I came across this old gem from my college days. It's UV erasable version of a 68hc11, which was a fairly popular microcontroller at one time. I recall recently having reason to glance over the datasheet of a sibling part. It seems so incredibly quaint and simple to me now. At the time in college, I remember being a bit overwhelmed with all the details.

There will always be a special place in my heart for those people who reimport "international edition" textbooks to the US. Over the years they have made so much knowledge accessible to me and, I assume, many others.

I'm a wannabe keyboard hacker 

I transplanted the top of a black keyboard that stopped working after a decade of use, to a white keyboard. I don't think they make these anymore (Natural Keyboard Elite), but I have a stash of 'em I picked up after I had a bout of RSI type symptoms that had me fearing for my ability to work in my field. Anyway, it's kind of fun, you know, for an ergonomic keyboard. I wish they had made some different colors. I wonder if I can dye the white keys...

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