If you find yourself needing to put in some t-posts, be sure you have one of these drivers handy. They make short work of things. This one belonged to my grandfather.

This was taken in the middle of the ice melting off the trees. I have some audio of the cacophony being produced as ice chunks rained down from above, but the picture alone seemed nicer.

Merry Christmas (if that's your thing) 

I haven't been up to anything I consider creative for a very long while, but I thought I'd share a Christmas card I created, had printed, and sent to friends and family back in 2009. This feels like a lifetime ago for me. I did offend at least one person with it that I know of, but they still talk to me. May your Christmas be as merry as possible considering the circumstances. And if Christmas isn't your thing, may you have good health and cheer.

I spent the morning replacing my parents' bathroom sink. 

Their old one was a variety I had never seen that started leaking from the overflow, which was basically a drip pan that had been glued on to the side of it. Anyway, they'd been without a bathroom sink for a while. I was finally able to get in there and replace it. It didn't even require extra trips to the hardware store, and I only sprayed myself in the face with water once. That's gotta be the smoothest house project for me so far.

Doodle cw: tiny cartoon gun and cop 

Old doodle I came across as I was cleaning out some folders of papers. Apparently I had a concept for a yet another CSI show.

Personal wildfire update 

I saw the sun today! A sign that this will eventually end...

This morning's air quality 🤢 

The air quality had been hovering in the merely unhealthy for a day or so, but we're now in hazardous territory this morning.

Them: [gesturing widely and speaking loudly through respirators] "We're here on our honeymoon, can you take our picture?"
Me: [Nods and gives thumbs up sign]

Welp, we had a good run of clean air this summer. But winds are bringing in the smoke of nearby wildfires. Maybe we'll get lucky and this will be brief.

Playing playdoh with the kiddo tonight. You know, it's not the greatest thing in the world, but the kiddo made growly sounds when they saw it, so I'll consider that a win.

(It's kind of surreal to do normal things while the world is on fire, especially my local world... but here I am.)

Pics from a little break from yesterday 

I got to spend some time outdoors with a couple of my favorite people yesterday. It was a nice break from... [gestures broadly around myself]... I hope other people are able to do the same from time to time.

Small repair victory 

The decanter lid on our cheap coffee maker lost a "hinge pin" on one side, threatening my supply of life sustaining caffeine. I looked into buying a replacement lid from the manufacturer. Although they listed the part, they also said it was unavailable. So I improvised a new set of "hinge pins" by careful application of a drill and using a threaded rod and some nuts. As long as the caffeine keeps dripping, it'll do...

Just trying to share some beauty as I am finding everything to be a bit much at the moment. Pink dogwood found in my neighborhood this afternoon.

uspol (-) 

Love to get Trump branded health advice (and also a poorly disguised campaign flyer on govt. dime). Feelin' better already. :(

Cool board dev/embedded dev extra hands 

PCBite tools seem pretty neat.


Seen in the "Embedded Muse". ganssle.com/tem/tem394.html

I dug this out of my library yesterday. I forgot how very vaporwave the cover is.

Using deft and org-mode in Emacs to take notes about the important things I learned from the fediverse today...

A friend just texted this to me. Now I share the joy (and pain). Sorry not sorry.

Every time I see some of these images of Jupiter from Juno, I marvel like I did to Voyagers' photos of Jupiter as a kid in elementary school.


Amazon delivery to your car? 

I guess Amazon has been pushing to be allowed entry to all our personal l spaces: home, garage, and even the car.

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