Celebrating Earth, Wind, and Fire Appreciation Month 

Find someone who looks at you the way the three headed space entity aspect of Maurice White looks at his space girlfriend.

Programming language (lewd?) 

Ha! They changed it. It's now just shapes. Old and new.

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The result of a brief sculpting session with the kiddo just before bedtime. I call it "Concerned troll".

Firefox lifehack 

I don't know if anybody else would find the need for this, but I discovered if I have the "Confirm before closing multiple tabs" option enabled in Firefox that I can get a count of the number of my open tabs anytime I want by going over and hitting "x" on my window. Firefox will then dutifully count up my tabs and warn me I'm about to close them all. I can then cancel the closure. (Ctrl+Q does not give a count.)

I was flipping through my copy of "Tomorrow and Beyond: Masterpieces of Science Fiction Art" and came across this image by Edward Soyka. When I saw it, I immediately thought to myself, "You know who'd appreciate this image? Fedi."

CW mild artistic nudity.

Work - 

TFW you can't build things because the semiconductor chips you need are all too expensive, and you are reduced to making memes about the issue to stave off the sense of doom.

"Chromostereopsis is a depth illusion where intense warm vs. cool colors appear to sit on different planes relative to the viewer. "


For me the red seems to float above the blue.

(I don't know if the image will bother anybody, but it's like an abstract representation of an eyeball.)

Gandi email web service 

I'm working through a transition off of legacy GSuite (forgive me father for I have sinned. My last confession was... uh... many decades ago... etc.).

I've been a long time customer of Gandi as my registrar. They provide some simple email hosting with a registered domain. At some point they improved the service. One cool feature is that you can have wildcard aliases for an account. So you can have username+* or username.* or even spam.* if you wanted.

Final tally was four limbs. I know it could've been worse. Still a bummer. The tree seems to be mostly back to its original shape except for the new holes in its canopy. There is still snow in the forecast. I hope it's nothing like this.

(Sorry for the poor focus. The autofocus on the phone I was using isn't working well.)

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Work nonsense 

Friends, I'm just having one of those days where I regret certain life choices:

Monday morning after the switch to DST 

Showing up to work after the switch to DST just makes things harder, friends.

(Honestly this could be any Monday morning. It's just more so today.)

Also, the comic linked to at the top of the Wired story is worth reading. It provides a wonderful picture representing the kind of person I try very hard not to be online.


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Fantasy illustration, eye contact 

This first volume of the "Spectrum Fantastic Art Quarterly" is nearly the same shape and size of "The Studio" (a well known book of art in some circles). Only a very small difference in one dimension, which might be down to printer variation. Maybe it's just coincidence... 🤔

Anyway, more importantly they're cool books if you're into fantastic art and the like. (Although "The Studio" is not in print any more.)



TIL that Sarah Bernhardt was not only a well known actress in the late 1800s through early 1900s and a popular model for painters, but she was also a sculptor. She made this bitchin' inkwell. It's a self-portrait of herself as a chimera.

Some more angles here:


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