There will always be a special place in my heart for those people who reimport "international edition" textbooks to the US. Over the years they have made so much knowledge accessible to me and, I assume, many others.

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Spent my day at Latch-Up conference, nerdin' it up while there's still time.

Snow in March? It's supposed to clear out in a few hours, but still surprising.

This is the first time I've had to bust out the automotive tools to make my PB&J sandwich. But no stuck jar is going to keep me from my sandwich.

Test print of stickers from the previously mentioned image came back. They look pretty good, but I probably want a different material like vinyl.

I'm back? I enjoyed the holidays more than I expected to. I took some time to "finish" this image I cooked up in support of my team working on a project at work (sasquatch and narwhal were code names). It's been a long time since I had done anything creative. I'd like to make it a habit again, but I don't know... Welp, time to get back to the grind.

I feel an urge to get back to art after not doing anything for two years. I pulled out an unfinished carving, but it may not be a good place to restart. The concept always felt too big for the stone, and it was damaged in one of my many moves. So maybe I should let it go. I spent a couple of minutes this evening contemplating it, and an image of taking my hammer and pounding it to dust kept flashing through my mind. That'll happen eventually, but maybe I shouldn't be the one to do it.

Portland area cats probably don't get enough sunlight. This was my cat's reaction immediately after I opened the blinds this morning and placed him on one of his blankets.

From last night and this morning. The cat was parked in his usual spot waiting for the show of jays and squirrels. He and I are the only ones stirring at the moment.

We stopped by Camp 18 again on our way back from the coast. I found a friendly kitty I hadn't seen before. Or rather, the kitty found me.

It's a pleasant morning where I am. Looking forward to a pleasant day. TZAG good people of the . I hope your day will be/is currently/has been good.

Got to see the friendly kitty of Camp 18 today. Not my cat, but a nice cat to see anyway.

It probably goes without saying, but I'm not very good at memes or excrement posts...

After the upgrade to Mastodon 2.0.0 for, some people's avatars seem to be missing in the timeline and on their profile pages (I'm using the web interface). For example, this is what I see on mine. It's most obvious when looking at local timeline. Anybody else seeing this?

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