Is anyone working on a photo sharing platform for the fediverse already?

@raucao There's Media Goblin, which I believe has federation on the road map.

@cstanhope Cool. Sadly, this is the last blog post from Oct 2016:

Sounds like they were stoked about it and almost done. Then silence. 🤔


@raucao Yeah, some of the same people who work on Media Goblin are also working on the ActivityPub standard. I think there's been a bit of a resource allocation/prioritization squeeze. I could be mistaken, but last I heard, the work was on a branch, but there was work remaining to get it merged. I wish I could allocate time to help with something like that. :/

@cstanhope I don't see anything in their repo:

Someone wrote some stuff in the "federation" branch months before that blog post.

@raucao That's probably what I was thinking of. If it was, then there's probably more work remaining for ActivityPub support than I initially thought. It's not just a matter of merging some existing work that has been completed.

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