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License Zero: a standardised dual permissive license with streamlined payments for commercial use

Unlike the GPL it discriminates against commercial users directly rather than by proxy (downstream closed source). I don't know if it will work out but like the concept a lot. Maintainers sorely need more ways to generate income to do great work.

@tomk I support the idea of people being paid for their labor, but other than the software tooling, I'm unclear how this differs from the usual dual licensing. It seems to have the same issues as any dual licensing scheme? The license tooling won't help overcome the hurdles of corporate processes. Many developers work in companies where we can't make purchasing decisions nor accept licensing terms on behalf of the company. Perhaps that should change or perhaps corporate devs are not the target?

@cstanhope I think L0 brings two things to the table - the tooling, and also an effort to establish a standard licence. One pain point in dual licencing is the effort required understanding how library X needs to be paid and what you're allowed to use it for when you do. But you're spot on about corporate process. That's the culture that needs to shift for it to work... it's a question of whether something like L0 can get enough dev takeup that companies are forced into considering using it.

Charles Stanhope @cstanhope

@tomk That's a good point about standardizing the license.