Was feeling a bit under the weather all day. Took to the thermometer and confirmed my suspicion. From one DS9 EP to the next my temp rose from a slight but distinct 37.5 to an unambiguous 38.

Prepared my usual placebo of choice: hot chocolate with a dash of whisky.

Then I remembered I had a paracetamol a while back. Ok, little friend, in the fridge you go. :'(
Looking up http://memory-alpha.wikia.com/wiki/Andrew_Robinson and man he was busy for decades before DS9. He played Liberace once, that must have been a casting made in heaven.

My favorite aspect of Garak, in close competition with many traits, is his restrained flamboyance. Now imagine it unrestrained.
Charles Stanhope

@clacke I haven't kept up with all the Star Trek stuff in recent years, but DS9 had what I considered to be the strongest cast of any of the series. Perhaps that was partially due to the strength of the characters and writing as well. It's hard for actors to show off what they can do when saddled with mediocre material.

@cstanhope In contrast to what you're saying, I always felt that Bashir was one of the crappiest characters ever. But I'm starting to see that Siddig might be a brilliant actor and saved the character from being even worse. :-)

But yes, DS9 generally has a much stronger character focus, and more interesting characters, and developments, than previous Treks.
@cstanhope I'm also starting to feel that in spite of everything else happening, the core story of DS9 might be Bashir and Garak.

Bashir is the starfleetiest person in the history of Starfleet, and Garak is cluing him in on how terrible and complex the universe can be, slowly and patiently, in tiny nibbles.
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