I'm not the only one who cuts open tubes and containers to get at the last bit of whatever it is inside (e.g. toothpaste, lotion, shampoo, sunblock, etc.), am I?

@cstanhope I don't cut open tubes and containers, but I've seen it done. I've also seen a device that progressively winds up the end of a toothpaste tube very tightly, so as to squeeze out every millilitre of toothpaste.

@markusl @cstanhope Yeah, I cut open my toothpaste (because it's kind of an expensive type) and moisturiser.

Always get several more days out of them that way. Unsure why you'd just throw that toothpaste/cream away?

@dajb @markusl Yeah, I'm always a bit surprised how many more days of use I get after cutting open. It's a bit frustrating to think the containers aren't designed to make it easier and that not everybody does it (or is able to do it). :/

At least I know I'm not alone now. :)

@cstanhope @dajb Two reasons I don't do it: I use cheap toothpaste and moisturiser, and I'm concerned about hygiene. Once you've cut open the tube, you can't keep germs out. Or is there a cunning solution for that?

@markusl @dajb For the things I consume or at least go in my mouth, I usually find a container with a lid. It's partly hygiene, but also keeping from accidentally smearing it around. 😆

For other things, I haven't worried about it too much, but now you've got me thinking. 🤔

@cstanhope @markusl Meh, I don't care about that. I have teenage kids so I'm immune to germs 😂

@cstanhope I don't cut toothpaste/paint tubes, but I use the back of a knife to push every last bit up to the nozzle and just about squeeze the fuckers inside-out to get the last gettable bit.

@laemeur Yeah! That's the way!

(It's good to see you around. I was wondering how the illustration class and things were going (not that you have to share that if you don't want))

@cstanhope I'm in the crunch right now. Classes start Oct. 3rd, classroom procurements are still happening, I'm still working on my curriculum, I'm tabling at a comic con this weekend in the hopes of recruiting one or two more students for last-minute registration -- and I've got some freelance stuff on the go as well :(

@laemeur Whoa! Very, very busy. I hope that all goes as smoothly as possible, and I will not keep you any longer. :)

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