@jjg Regarding the HVD, I worked at InPhase for a while (almost to the end). Good times. The group of researchers there produced this book:

Which I've had on my wishlist for a while, but I can never justify the expense. :/

@cstanhope yeah I never realized that the primary barrier to making holograms at home was access to lasers, which are ... easy to come by now 😁

Opens up a lot of crazy possibilities!

@jjg For storage purposes, the primary barrier is having the right medium. Lasers were secondary, although at the time we were eagerly anticipating various improvements to solid state lasers (and mass production).

@cstanhope two things make me sad about that:

1. We really need durable high-capacity storage or we will loose most knowledge since around 2000 on
2. Everyone should be able to have access to a book made by a place they work

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