There is no this month, and there won't be until September. But that doesn't mean supporting artists whose work you appreciate is wasted.

I want to highlight an album I became aware of this past month. "After 1989: A Trip To Freedom" by @m2m et al.

"A real-life tale of imprisonment and liberty: how a grandfather escaped hell during WWII, while the grandson retraced his steps 30 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall."

@m2m It's the kind of work that really highlights the power an album can have when viewed as something more than a collection of singles. Exploring themes, ideas, and emotions that persists across tracks. It's heavy, but in a good way.

There's a lot of interesting notes about the making of the album and the trips taken to retrace his grandfather's steps here:

Also, excellent liner notes in the form of a PDF file! Too bad I don't have an easy way to keep the file next to the media it is for. :(

(I've been using Rhythmbox lately to manage my library.)

@cstanhope I've been using Beets to tag/organize my stuff, and it's super. Organize with beets, point any other player at the directory it manages.

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