I was reminded of this yesterday. Seems like a good thing to revisit occasionally.


@cstanhope The "discussion" on The Orange Site provides a fascinating insight into the people there.

It's disturbing, and oddly compelling, rather like a car crash.

There are some people there that I not only never want to work with, but who I never want to meet.


@ColinTheMathmo Sometimes it's good to flush those people out. Make 'em show themselves so you can take notes. 😆

@cstanhope Absolutely.

Sometimes I look at how convinced some of them are that they must be right, based on their extensive experience of programming, and their clearly impeccable reasoning, and wonder if I am similarly afflicted with an excessive confidence in my abilities.

It serves as a warning ... I hope I heed it well enough and often enough.

That said, some of the people there are stunningly good. I hope *that* judgement isn't based purely on whether they agree with me.

@ColinTheMathmo As long as you "wonder if I am similarly afflicted with an excessive confidence in my abilities" you are likely always going to be open to others opinions and open to collaboration and open to growth and self-improvement and open to new ideas and approaches and open to empathy for others (and hopefully not too hard on yourself). That's the sort of qualities I find valuable and attractive in people I work with. :)

@cstanhope I'd like to think that ... fingers crossed that it's true.


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