On "winning" social media 

I don't think the goal should be for the Fediverse to "beat" Twitter. I think it's okay if Twitter were to just go away (or not). The Fediverse can be its own thing without having to "win" or somehow "defeat" Twitter. Even if Twitter closes up and none of those people came here, the Fediverse is doing fine. Those users should scatter to the social media winds to meet their undoubtedly diverse needs. If some land here, great. If most don't, that's fine.

On "winning" social media 

(I'm putting aside discussion about how unhealthy profit driven social media companies like Twitter and Facebook are for their users and society. That's a related but different topic.)


On "winning" social media 

I'm just going to place this post from @eloquence here who said it much better than I did back in 2020:


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