Uh ...

> In 2018, a Dolce & Gabbana advertisement sparked public outrage after the Asian model in the ad was instructed to eat spaghetti, cannolis and pizza with a pair of chopsticks.

I eat spaghetti, cannolis and pizza with chopsticks. It's the superior utensil.


@clacke I poked around for some more on that story since I didn't understand what the controversy is about without photos. I found some of the photos and more explanation, and I still don't understand it. Many commentators seem to be concerned about Chen feeding western stereotypes (which I am apparently blind too as the photos I saw seemed unique and not western stereotypical). Ironically the scandal itself does feed an entirely different stereotype that the west is developing about China. :/

@cstanhope I didn't quote the worst part as I preferred the funnier part, but criticizing her for photographing models with darker skin is whaaaat.

I mean, sure, people are racist and really obsessed with the skin tone thing. Like, there's an ad that goes "don't you hate it when you wake up in the morning and go to the mirror and your skin is all yellow, here, have this whitener". And still, ostracizing someone for not picking pale models, because showing Chinese with tan skin hurts national pride or something, is next level.
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