Somebody: "Robots do not make mistakes, humans do."

Me: :thonking: .oO( I wonder where robots come from? )

@cstanhope I’m reading Neal Asher’s “Ian Cormac” series right now. One thing he does a good job of is really hitting on how the AIs are really based on the humans who created them. Some of them stray, but most do not.

@robdaemon Sounds intriguing. Do you have a recommendation of where to start if I wanted to read one these in the series? "Gridlinked" or something else?

@cstanhope He has a bunch in the "Polity" universe. I read the Rise of the Jain series first. I should have read the Cormac books first.

I would go ahead and start with Gridlinked.

@cstanhope There is a Libertarian slant to the books that I'm not really on-board with, but it only gets really "in your face" in a few parts. Each chapter starts with some short narrative from a history book or speech, and that's where it can get very direct with that.

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