Power's out. It makes me realize there's not much point to my early morning routine without power.

I still have this little cursed rectangle. 😆

Oop. Kiddo just woke up crying. Too dark in their room without light from digital clock. :/

Luckily I bought this ridiculous digital multimeter/clock/thermometer/Bluetooth speaker a little while ago, so we have tunes while we do puzzles with the kiddo.

This is the only portable Bluetooth speaker in the house.

Also, I could really use some coffee now. 😆

@cstanhope Makes me glad I have a gas stove, two boxes of matches (the stove uses electronic ignition, but of course that's not going to work if the power's out), and a camping percolator so I can still get my coffee fix without electricity.

Alternatively I have a kettle and a French press, though I tend to use the press for tea much more often than for coffee these days.

@ND3JR I do have a small propane grill I can bust out, but no way to make coffee with it presently. You can bet I was thinking about that this morning. 😆

@cstanhope I should probably get something like that myself in case I end up in an apartment with an electric stove again.

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