Spending the afternoon doing a complete code review of the J1 CPU and cross-assembler. Interesting stuff.

@cstanhope That's the one. I remember coming across it a couple years ago, when I was first looking for examples of verilog CPUs. Now that I'm doing a little forth, I have a stronger interest.

@daremo Looks fun. I'm adding it to my list of CPU designs to explore. :)

@cstanhope What else is on that list? I may look at a few others in the next week.

@daremo I forgot this one which isn't about a specific architecture, but may lead to interesting places. But now that I'm putting it here I'm wondering if I got this from you?


Anyway, that's probably more links than what you wanted.

If you like homebrew CPU architectures, or just CPU architectures in general, you might like the anycpu forum...


(There are a few sub-forums - a few too many perhaps - I always use New Posts as my landing page, but you need to be logged in for that. It's pretty low traffic.)

@cstanhope @daremo


@EdS I hadn't heard of that forum before. Thanks!

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