Just thinking about the 19th century Amazon dot com this morning (although this particular catalog is from 1902):

@cstanhope several years ago I read a brutal postmortem on Sears, and how they could *easily* have taken the massive global inventory/shipping/IT infrastructure they already had in place in the 1990s and added e-commerce to it, but leadership at the time was like "why would anyone order anything online when they can go to their local Sears!"

@cstanhope I love reading old Sears catalogs, from early times, on to when I was a kid. Mail order house kits to Star Wars toys I wished I had.

@CarlCravens You definitely get a sense of the times from those catalogs. My mom used to have a fairly extensive collection of National Geographics. As a kid, I often found the advertisements just as fascinating as the articles. :)

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