I finally got around to digging out the GBC I used for the brief time I was a game developer. I want to share with the kiddo the silly "Blue's Clues" game I helped make. On a lark, I decided to check Ebay, and found this listing for sealed in box for $99:

I still have the one the company gave me. Hmmm... :thonking:

Also I found these sweet 20MHz Motorola 68K parts nearby! I have no idea what I was planning on doing with them! 😆

@cstanhope I still have 7 WD65C816P14 chips in my garage. I'd love to start using them for something.

I originally got them in 2004 for my Kestrel-1 prototype SBC design. No ROM, it had RAM mapped to $8000-$FFFF, and a single VIA chip mapped to $0000-$000F.

Ahh, those were the days. Running 4MHz on a Radio Shack solderless breadboard.

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