I finally was able to contact my dentist. They use a weird system where there is only one way to contact them; A phone line that ring 4 time, available 10h-12h, and if no one answer it just hang up automatically. No mail or other way to contact them. And no one ever answer.

So I set up an Asterisk-FreePBX server with my number at voip ms and made the system ring them none stop and connect me via my cellphone upon success

Took them ~1.5 hours to respond... The women was pissed ^^' (372 calls)


@df5t0rw Maybe they'll consider getting an answering machine now...

@cstanhope nope… this system was placed to « limits calls » because before that there was « too much people calling for not good enough reasons ». Now they prefer once in a while an asshole like me not giving up than everyone calling for small questions. It’s sad… since it’s part of their job. But eh, they are already rich and they don’t need more client to stay rich… so they don’t care. It’s about what they told me yesterday when I had my appointment and asked why it was like that

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