It might be wrong of me to say this, but I think something that will make #TheTube superior to the Internet is that you have to put in a little effort, be willing to share and have some knowledge to get there.

re: controversial? 

@requiem I'm torn on this one. it feels easier to bootstrap things when you can offload some of the knowledge transfer directly on the receiver, but I'm pretty sure that's also why we end up with such unapproachable crap so much of the time, which is why ultimately I'll only feel "successful" at this one if we figure out ways to significantly remove those same barriers as we figure out what works best for us. but I do get where you're coming from; it's a constraint system and we love those ;)

re: controversial? 

@djsundog I stated thing about this after reading an interview with Alan Kay, and it got me thinking that we’ve made a grave mistake focusing almost all effort in computing over the last 30 years on making things easy.


re: controversial? 

@requiem @djsundog You know, when you construct a trap, you try to make it easy for your prey to fall int it. ;)

(Or to put it another way, if all we measure and optimize for is the number of people we can attract to a services/platforms, we will probably end up making traps.)

With you are emphasizing knowledge sharing, empowering people to participate as equals, and you aren't trying to capture " market", that will change the way things move forward.

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