Information wants... 

I go to the web to look up a reference in a book to a NASA technical report from 1964. My only successes are several references to the same document and one PDF from a Russian radio electronics enthusiast. The PDF from the Russian is a scan from a copy out of the Kirkland Air Force Base Library. My first reaction is that this is a dumb world, but then my second reaction is no, maybe this is the system actually working. 🤔

Information wants... 

Before I forget, thanks, fellow nerd from Russia! Also, maybe I need to do a little upload to since this document didn't seem to be there.

Information wants... 

In case anybody else is interested in the first use of integrated circuits in satellites. They also happened to be surface mount, a form factor which has been in use for longer than I realized.

The probe referred to in that tech note appeared to be a part of a series from the "Interplanetary Monitoring Platform". The history of that is discussed in this document:

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