TIL you can basically fork bomb a browser with (in)appropriate use of setTimeout. Oops. 😆

@michel_slm Oh, I had a routine that used setTimeout() to schedule a call to itself in the future. I made some hurried edits, and accidentally left two calls to setTimeout(). So every call to my function resulted in two calls to setTimeout(), which resulted in four calls, which resulted in 8 calls, etc. I loaded that up into my browser, and the page quickly ground to a halt. I was scratching my head trying to figure out why unrelated functions of my page stopped working. 😆

@michel_slm Firefox handled it admirably considering what I was doing. Luckily I recognized the symptoms of an overloaded system and realized what I must've done, so I didn't suffer too long. But I was amused to stumble over it.

I used to have a line of js which would take out an entire Firefox instance. This was before tab isolation and it just caused the whole thing to segfault.

@cjd I definitely developed a deeper appreciation for tab isolation yesterday.

@cstanhope This page causes a BSOD when loaded in IE6 on Windows XP SP2 or earlier. Forget tab isolation the HTML parser wasn't even isolated from the kernel, those were the days...
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