Go links for my social.coop presence:


Meta: is the fediverse into go links? I sort of think they could become part of the ecosystem beautifully.

@flancian I've used canonical redirects in various situations, but this is the first time I'd heard of the term go links. On the fediverse, the preference is usually for a direct link to things as opposed to bouncing through redirects primarily due to associations with tracking. However, using redirects with a site under your own (or a community's) control is probably fine. There's a bit of an presence on the fediverse that go links overlaps with too.

@cstanhope thank you for your response!

I think go links have the advantage of being:

1. easy to use/grok (once you try them)
2. easy to extend into the equivalent of a URL-based CLI
3. easy to grow into a federated protocol; domains (users) could volunteer different targets for the same go link, and users could then see/use/rank all of them.

TLDR: they can be the base for a crowdsourced knowledge graph.

More in flancia.org/mine/go-links if you're interested.

I'll check out , thanks!


@flancian I'm sure you'll find it on your own, but this is a good place to start regarding indieweb: indieweb.org/

@cstanhope thank you! Adding it to my knowledge graph, will research later this week as I emerge from the days dominated by work :)

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