Them: [gesturing widely and speaking loudly through respirators] "We're here on our honeymoon, can you take our picture?"
Me: [Nods and gives thumbs up sign]

I should be clear about two things:

1. The photo is real but not mine, and I was unable to track down the photographer.
2. The real context is unknown to me. What I wrote was from my wildfire worried, fevered imagination.

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@cstanhope Dang, people still go to California for their honeymoon? Eh, whatever floats their boat.🤷‍♂️

I also find it interesting how they're prepared for two things: the wildfires and the pandemic.

@cstanhope What a photo. You should submit this to Reuter’s. Crazy days get even crazier.

@sbeebe Sorry, I didn't mean to take credit, I put the source in a reply. I tried to find the actual photographer, but was unsuccessful. I'm not very good at these poop-posts.

@cstanhope anyone remember when fallout pictures seemed to be caricatures?

@joeyh lol. Maybe. It seemed appropriate. Hopefully not a phrase we need too much of in the future.

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