Some of you people actually think Microsoft isn't going to screw you over and it shows

@tindall Heh... Microsoft will ALWAYS screw you over at the end. It's been unsettling to watch a younger generation of developers being uncritical in their acceptance of Microsoft's "free" tools.

@tsturm @tindall I think I’ve written the exact same thing a hundred times.

How do we help them learn?


@requiem I think we're fighting an uphill battle against a massive marketing budget. Not to say that we shouldn't try...

@requiem Also, we're in the bad position of having to be "negative" when everybody else in the room is excited and positive.

@cstanhope ‘tis true.

I mean, they will learn the hard way like the rest of us did, but it’s always a bummer to have to watch others make the same mistakes you did.

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