Dear Fediverse, suggestions for forum software 

I am looking into forums for a group of people who would like to maintain their study group during shelter-in-place, but a subset of them dislike Facebook. Assume the users are generally comfortable with mobile phones and browsers. I am interested in other people's recommendations and experiences. So far, I am considering:

* phpBB

* FlaskBB (because I know Python)

* Discourse

Any others I should be considering? FLOSS preferred.

Ty in advance!

Dear Fediverse, suggestions for forum software 

@cstanhope I've had very good experiences with discourse, as user, as moderator, and as someone hosting one. If you want a lighter alternative to Discourse, nodeBB is pretty decent. Both work well from phones too, out of the box.

I used to run a phpBB forum way back when, and that left plenty of scars. It might have improved since, mind you. But those old scars still haven't healed....


Dear Fediverse, suggestions for forum software 

@algernon Thanks for sharing your experience with Discourse! I'll take a look at nodeBB.

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