A friend just texted this to me. Now I share the joy (and pain). Sorry not sorry.

@cstanhope Getting on to the end of my day and I'm still happy with the tocata from this morning.
In my miss-spent youth I read GEB. I hated 'classical', but wanted to know about how fugues and canons twisted around the theme: forwards, backwards, half-speed and so on.
I set out to buy the crab canon, but came across tocatta and fugue in d minor instead and figured it would be 'good enough'.
Biggest, most majestic sound EVAR! Played it over and over in the car.
Thks for the drumkit version! :-)

@gemlog I'm glad you enjoyed the version I found. Reading your words makes me feel that I need to explore this music more.

@cstanhope It was when I was like 21 (I'm now 59) and in the book GEB he gives the difference between canons and fugues. Listening to music as an intellectual experience had Never occurred to me, so I figured that I was missing something (and I was!).
Tonics, canons, fugues, musical 'jokes' etc. were all new to me.
Much of that still is ;-)
But it got me going on classical music at least!

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