* I am going to help make people free through computers.

* I will not help the computer priesthood confuse and bully the public.


* I will endeavor to explain patiently what computer systems really do. I will try to answer people's questions kindly, or explain that I do not have time. I Will no treat any question as a dumb question, since there is no such thing.

* I will not give misleading answers to get people off my back, like "Because that's the way computers work" instead of "Because that's the way I designed it."

* I will stand firm against the forces of evil. I will speak up against computer systems that are oppressive, insulting or unkind, and do the best I Can to improve or replace them, if I cannot prevent them from being bought or created in the first place. I will fight injustice, complication, and any company that makes things difficult on purpose.

* I will do all I can to further human understanding, especially through the new visualizing tools of interactive computer graphics.

* I will do what I can to make systems easy to understand, interactive wherever possible, and fun for the user.

* I will try not to make fun of another's favorite computer language, even if it is COBOL or BASIC.

So help me,


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