I've never used the GNOME Software app until now. Does it not provide a progress indicator when you tell it to perform an update?

I'm trying the GNOME Software method of updating things on Fedora (as opposed to dnf all the things like I usually do), and I'm not really enjoying the experience of the forced downtime during the reboot stage. But I suppose the process is no worse than all the other horrible computer systems people have to use, and it's easier to explain to somebody whose first language is not computer.

(I'm pretty sure my first language is now computer, much to my chagrin.)

New Linux machine freshly installed for my wife to try, and it only took me hours of my life. This is much less time than in the past, and I honestly think this was faster than a typical Windows computer setup. Everything came straight outta the package repos! Now to see if she'll actually like it... It's either this or Windows 10 for her, so... Hoping for the best.

@cstanhope Perhaps it will help if you tell them that this is the new Windows 11?


@jxself It was her idea to try Linux. She's not happy with the proprietary tech industry's values and behavior. No need for subterfuge. :)

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