I've never used the GNOME Software app until now. Does it not provide a progress indicator when you tell it to perform an update?

I'm trying the GNOME Software method of updating things on Fedora (as opposed to dnf all the things like I usually do), and I'm not really enjoying the experience of the forced downtime during the reboot stage. But I suppose the process is no worse than all the other horrible computer systems people have to use, and it's easier to explain to somebody whose first language is not computer.

(I'm pretty sure my first language is now computer, much to my chagrin.)

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New Linux machine freshly installed for my wife to try, and it only took me hours of my life. This is much less time than in the past, and I honestly think this was faster than a typical Windows computer setup. Everything came straight outta the package repos! Now to see if she'll actually like it... It's either this or Windows 10 for her, so... Hoping for the best.

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@cstanhope Fingers crossed!
My last fresh install of a distro was overtop of a previous one, so they already had all their desktop settings, email and bookmarks etc. in place.
I take a copy of my package list when I do the first install for others. Then a copy of /their/ package list for the next one and so on. Speeds things up tremendously and I don't forget to install something.
BUT it took me several hours to turn off all the garbage and un/install foss stuff in a win10 laptop this afternoon.

@gemlog That seems like a reasonable practice. I grabbed my wife's essential documents and Firefox profile off the Windows 7 machine and used my machine as a reference to help set up this new machine. However, her Windows 7 machine is still running and available and will be the fallback. This is a bit of a trial, so I think we'll both need to be flexible, and I'll try to respond to issues. I don't know how this will play out, but I suspect she and I will both learn something.

@cstanhope Once >10 years ago there was one 'hold-out' in a office. A manager. He wasn't particularly adept with windows, just opposed linux. I do respect ppl with a lot of muscle memory etc. for photoshop or their CAD program or w/e, this wasn't the case with him.
At the weekend, I took a screenshot of his msw desktop and installed linux.
I put his wallpaper back and all his desktop icons and so on.
Come monday, he didn't even notice! :-)

@gemlog Oh my goodness! That's some chutzpah. I salute you. o7

@cstanhope Not really - he wasn't /my/ manager and I'd been doing IT for the place as an outside contractor for about 15 years at the time.
I did tell the owners of my intention. I think they just giggled :-) Everyone else had been switched already.

@cstanhope I used to share offices with a (legit!) drug courier company. 1 big room and a shop really.There was a guy who would sit down at our computers if left alone even for a brief time and then refuse to get off until he finished what he doing. I took all the icons off my desktop and took a screenshot of an xterm over my regular wallpaper, set it as wallpaper and put all the icons back.
He was driven *mad* trying to figure out why the xterm was unresponsive and why he couldn't find/kill it!


@gemlog I'm not condoning this behavior, but I did giggle. 😆

@cstanhope The guy was really a jerk. I took pity on him after about 20 minutes and told him. He slammed out of the place in anger. My office mate was upset that I hadn't let the prank go on even longer.
In any case the fellow never again sat at any of our computers ;-) He didn't work for either one of us. He was simply a pushy, disagreeable person who wouldn't take the hint and butt out of things.

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