I think I am done with laptops unless they standardize the batteries. Fed up with perfectly useful devices becoming obsolete because the battery form factor (and whatever DRM they use with it) are no longer available.

@cstanhope ThinkPads are a pretty decent choice if you want to be able buy brandnew batteries 10 years later.

@raucao Are there particular models, or just ThinkPads in general?

@cstanhope Just in general. Some Chinese modding companies even sell x61 chassis retro-fitted with modern internals and full-HD displays.

@raucao Thanks for the suggestion! I'll keep that in mind.

@cstanhope When in doubt, X and T series is where it's at.

@raucao @cstanhope Pretty big market of refurbed Thinkpads, too. I got a T450s recently for £240, couldn't be happier with it.

@neil @cstanhope Wow, that's a fantastic price for that machine!

@raucao @cstanhope If you're ever in London, have a wander around Elephant & Castle... loads of little shops selling them there, and X250 as well.. I think they get them in bulk from businesses.

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