Couldn't sleep... had to get this persistent (and rather bleak) musing out of my head. Anyone think it was worthwhile?


@lightweight Me too, but the parallels are strong now that you point them out...

@cstanhope I'm out of bed again, making a few edits that occurred to me after I lay down again...

@lightweight Hopefully you'll be able to get back to sleep after that.

@cstanhope sadly, I'm not feeling overly comforted, but at least it's captured in a persistent(ish) medium... we'll see :)

@cstanhope feeling a strange urge to re-watch the Life of Brian...

@lightweight @cstanhope it is not a metaphor that is pleasant at all, but I wouldn't think it's that. No, more infested than that. Things like facial recognition, big data. - not a person a prevalence.

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