I read the comments under the lwn post regarding how browsers treat the ping attribute on html anchors and saw people defending the ping attribute because the alternative is redirects. In other words, people will be tracked regardless, and the ping attribute is better tech (and a better "user experience"). How often do the people who work on these things ever take a step back and think to themselves, "Wait a minute. Am I just optimizing surveillance and tracking?"

Dev wakes up in the morning birds singing outside their window: "Today is a good day to improve the user experience of being tracked."

Sorry for the snark, everybody. I'll go get coffee and reflect on what I can do to make things better.

@cstanhope I thought those were good points and well made.

@gemlog Thanks. I just try to stay well clear of sarcasm and snark since it often makes things unnecessarily heated, but I sometimes succumb to the temptation. And I admit, sarcasm and snark may drive a point home faster than perfectly calm prose, but I have my doubts about whether that approach is ever persuasive.

I think this will be a bigger part of software development in the near future than we'd like to think. Optimising user experience to make surveillance smoother.

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