I realize that not everybody shares this sort of cultural affirmation, so it probably wouldn't be workable, but sometimes I wish I could offer a "high five" on a toot, you know? You see somebody doing somethin' cool, and you're like, "Wow! That deserves a high five..." But... you can't... So instead you click the little star with a disappointed sigh... :/

@cstanhope nah, you can say stuff. I pipe up things like, "Just wanted to acknowledge I appreciate this!" or "I'm glad you are doing this! Ganbatte!"

The stars are for me. I don't care if they think they are cool, though I'm okay with that. But we don't have better bookmarking in-protocol, so don't mess with my stars! =P

@cstanhope @maiki ; so interestingly enough. In Friendica when federating with ActivityPub stars ARE interpreted as thumbs up (and vice versa).

Which implies enough people use them that way, that Friendica thought it would cause the least issue to make them equivalent.

I actually have a thumbs down button in Friendica; I can't imagine it would federate to Mastodon users; Im unlikely to find out as I suspect im not philosophically inclined to express my displeasure that way.

@trashheap @cstanhope Folks keep trying to crack the nut of "how do we emote support/feelings towards a message that is negative/sad?" And the answer is: we don't, because we don't in real life. We do some more long form, or we move along. I don't like single or short arrays of options (some UI have 4 or 6 options). Just allow any emoji to be a single reply. That is all we really need, but how could we turn over that much power to the people?! Oh yeah, jabber...

@maiki Don't worry. I do not want to take away your stars, and I will defend them with my... Well, I will defend them to a reasonable degree. ;)

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