I'm only half way through this talk on SymbiFlow, but the amount of progress on open FPGA tooling is so exciting. (If you're into that kind of thing, which I am.) And I didn't know they were so far along with the ECP5 bistream! v

Weird how I managed to mangle the URL after pasting so you can't click it, but the embed came through fine. Just in case a clickable URL is useful.

@cstanhope icestorm and arachne-pnr have been my intro to FPGA tools (never used proprietary vendor tools in the past) and I've been happy.

@daremo That's very cool. I'm glad to hear that. I've used the proprietary tools for years, but I've always felt the proprietary tool chains and secret bitstreams were partially responsible for holding back the potential use of FPGAs. The future was "reconfigurable computing" and always would be. (Of course, ever increasing speeds of CPUs also didn't help as the set of problems you could solve with just a CPU if you waited 18mos. kept expanding.) Anyway, exciting times!

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