I'm back? I enjoyed the holidays more than I expected to. I took some time to "finish" this image I cooked up in support of my team working on a project at work (sasquatch and narwhal were code names). It's been a long time since I had done anything creative. I'd like to make it a habit again, but I don't know... Welp, time to get back to the grind.

If anybody is curious, I did all of this in Inkscape. It is the first illustration I've done that way. I'd like to do more as it's nice to be resolution independent, but I need to find an improved workflow. The "inks" on this image were a pain. I was basically sculpting line shapes. I think I'm missing some knowledge.


Oops. And I meant for that to be unlisted... A couple of weeks away, and I'm already a little rusty at this social media stuff...

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