Suddenly pondering whether tracking my todo list in fossil is a reasonable thing to do, or just too danged geeky... I could see it being useful for documenting those tasks that don't go as planned (e.g. every #$%&* house project).

Update: Using fossil this way is kind of working. The fossil ticket workflow is not really optimized for this use, of course. But the database system is flexible enough that I've been able to customize the schema into something workable for TODOs. I guess I'll have to use it for a while to see how it holds up.

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And now I realize fossil is available under termux, and it is recent (2.7) unlike the version in Fedora (2.2). The web ui will be a bit awkward, but it is usable. Now I can feel the pressure of my ever growing todo list no matter where I go! How useful!

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