Suddenly pondering whether tracking my todo list in fossil is a reasonable thing to do, or just too danged geeky... I could see it being useful for documenting those tasks that don't go as planned (e.g. every #$%&* house project).

@cstanhope That was a consideration for me, among others, as I am phasing out my GitLab instance, but wanted to do something useful, if not trendy, for tracking tasks.

But stepping back and just needing a todo list, I started using taskwarrior (documented at, and it does everything I wanted from anything. I am currently committed to using it on the one computer. I am getting things done. ^_^

@maiki Yeah, I've used task warrior in the past with some success. I'm a sucker for a good CLI. I even went to the trouble of creating some helper scripts that made it easier for me to use taskwarrior as a bug tracker for some personal projects. I placed separate taskwarrior directories in each repo. Maybe I should go back to using it. 🤔


@maiki I just ran "task" for the first time in a while. I apparently stopped using it about 4 years ago (according to the date on some of the tasks). That's right around the time certain important things happened in my life. It's weird to find reminders to events in my own life scattered around in my personal metadata that I stir up occasionally.

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