I like that Mozilla and others are pushing the idea of ethics in computer science: blog.mozilla.org/blog/2018/10/.

I hope the results will incorporate ideas of solidarity. Additionally, there should be a related effort to put ethics in business teaching. Most people don't practice computer science skills in a vacuum. Most of them are embedded in corporations. A least in the US, we have become numb to the anything goes as long as it is legal (and don't worry about that either) attitude of business.


We expect all our interactions with business to be antagonistic. We expect to be atomized as employees and customers. We expect businesses to cheat and externalize costs everywhere they can. We expect businesses to rewrite laws in their favor.

That's the context under which people who study computer science will still find themselves even if we add courses for ethics. We have broad systemic problems, not just an isolated problem in one field.

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