I don't use Windows 10 much (not even at work where I'm still on Windows 7), so I haven't given much thought to Microsoft's WSL effort. (I've been a daily cygwin user for years.) But it just occurred to me that Microsoft has managed to turn Linux distro package repositories into de facto Windows app stores. I'm not sure what to think of that, but I find it disquieting.

@cstanhope Could you expand on that please? I'm not sure at all how you think that.
I use the linux they allow in win10 to shell in to real computers at work.
I don't see how any linux repos have been subverted??

@gemlog I didn't use the term "subverted", but that word isn't far from my mind. ;)

My basic thought process is that WSL let's you install the distro of your choice (sans the kernel). Once you have installed the distro, everything the distro provides is available through the distro's normal packaging tools like apt, dnf, et al. So the distros' package repos are now a part of Microsoft's app ecosystem.

I haven't used WSL myself, so I'm going from docs and vids from MS.

@cstanhope Ok, I see.
The extent of my use is to type 'bash' and then up arrow to my ssh line to hit the servers :-)
I used to have to keep a dual-boot box around, so it's very convenient for me. I don't ask much of it.

@gemlog I make heavy use of ssh and sshd from cygwin, so I understand completely. It's the best implementation of ssh that is (was I guess) available on Windows.

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