This seems like an interesting concept for a sci-fi story: "1 Million Habitable Planets Could (Theoretically) Orbit a Black Hole. Here's How"

@cstanhope Apart from gravitational ripples tearing everything apart, gamma radiation would be brutal. It's not even theoretically a good idea to live on a planet near a black hole.
It would have to be an orbit very, very distant from a tiny black hole.

I suppose microbes and some basic lifeforms could conceivably exist on such a planet provided there's enough water, but anything larger than a few cells would find it extremely hard to live there no matter chemical and geological conditions.

@cstanhope Of course it's also possible that something else lives out there. But then it won't look like anything we recognise as life on Earth.

@cstanhope Anyway, just looked up and it seems that Sean Raymond, the astrophysicist from France quoted in that article hasn't published an actual paper about this, it was only a conjecture he wrote about on a website. Really, just a blog.

I mean, this is already very fi and very little sci.

@h Oh I agree. Any story including these ideas would likely be more in the "sci-fi flavored" fantasy genre (e.g. Star Wars). But it could still be fun. 😀

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