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Charles Stanhope @cstanhope

Woohoo! \o/

"The spacecraft that raced past Pluto is back and ready to explore a whole new world.

NASA’s New Horizons probe woke up at 10:55 p.m. EDT on June 4 after a nearly six-month slumber, and news of the event reached Earth several hours later. The craft is now getting ready to fly past a small Kuiper Belt object called Ultima Thule."

@cstanhope I had misread that. It means that it's back awake, after flying past Pluto on to the outer limits of the Solar System.

It's not back to Earth or back to Pluto, as I had previously misread the headline.

@h I don't think you misread it. That sentence was poorly worded. 😆

@cstanhope "Ultima Thule" of course being the final Lizard Nazi Boss!