Woke up with a thought. In light of the news of Microsoft thinking about buying github combined with the ever increasing trend of creating locked down computers: phones, ChromeOS, MS Always Connected, it occurs to me that the next steps will be to require permission not just to distribute software (app stores), but to also be a developer. Access to the tools will increasingly be through the cloud mediated through these locked devices. Permission to develop could be revoked at any time.

@cstanhope I don't think the GitHub acquisition alone will significantly push things in this direction, but the trend may indeed be visible.
@cstanhope I keep thinking about what you said. I compared your idea with the fact that "Google's got our kids": https://theoutline.com/post/4436/google-classroom-education-free-software-children-school-tech?zd=1&zi=qlgizdca , i.e. Google is setting up an image of a general benefactor of freedom and security.

Big tech companies may be working on attaching the fact of being something (free license, secure application, good developer) to being a part of their corporate culture.

I classify these thoughts of mine as paranoia, but a rather mild one.

@scolobb The effort to instill brand recognition and trust in the early years is an additional component I had not considered. Microsoft, Apple, and Google all do it in different ways...

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