Woke up with a thought. In light of the news of Microsoft thinking about buying github combined with the ever increasing trend of creating locked down computers: phones, ChromeOS, MS Always Connected, it occurs to me that the next steps will be to require permission not just to distribute software (app stores), but to also be a developer. Access to the tools will increasingly be through the cloud mediated through these locked devices. Permission to develop could be revoked at any time.

@cstanhope Reminds me of how Texas Instruments treated developers for the TI-99/4 series of home computers, and similarly, how Tandy treated developers for the TRS-80 and Coco families of computers.


@vertigo I'm not familiar with the history. Do you have any URLs or references to share?

@cstanhope Nothing comes to mind right now, except that you had to have permission from them to be an officially licensed developer for those platforms. IIRC, TI in particular would viciously go after anyone who made software for the platform and sold it for profit without having a license. Tandy didn't much care so much, but you couldn't put Tandy/Radio Shack logo on your box without that license, and they'd not be sold through the Radio Shack stores.

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