Is there a word for the dynamic wherein an organization purports to seek to 'solve' a problem, but actually relies on the cause of that problem for its subsistence? Therefore can and will never solve the problem.

Thinking of the land conservancy in my area, which I very much want to support, but its donations come from wealthy retired transplants (who are steadily converting farmland to ersatz country estates), and businesses that cheerlead, fuel and rely on industrial tourism.

@cscottmills Close: the Pre/Trans Fallacy describes the confusion that arises by people rooted in different developmental stages. Ex.: People in pre-rational stages can't wrap their heads around coops b/c they may assume selfishness is absolute. Someone in a rational stage *may* seek external solutions, but a transrational person will seek to transcend and include all available data for appropriate solutions — new thinking for old problems.

@joamo Wow, I hadn't heard that term before. Thanks! Not exactly what I was getting at, but the pre/trans fallacy has significant explanatory power.

@cscottmills Awesome! Learning is best praxis. While checking that out, I cannot recommend Gravesian Spiral Dynamics Integral enough. Integral/AQAL is useful as a map of reality, but the real secret sauce in in the Spiral. There are a lot of people that totally confuse the concept (especially the Wilber fans, that guy went off the deep end) online though and use it incorrectly (i.e. judgemental– not how it works), but if you read from source materials it's a paradigm shifting theory.

@joamo Fascinating stuff. Can you recommend a good broad-picture book on the topic?

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