We are trying to reboot this relic from a boat. Some kind of signal horn. I think there is a solonoid under the hammer on the membrane but we don’t know where the ports for the wires are. All looks the same and the wires were removed totally when we found it. Ideas and boosts welcome!

Nervenkitzel (german, direct translation tingled nerves) - riding deutsche Bahn with a bike… daring to take connections with about 10 minutes to transfer.. and of course the first leg had a delay of 8. Only for ppl washed with steel wool. I had to, the alternative was even less appealing.

At first you don’t have enough cables, so you get more and suddenly… 😅

New additions to my case to tame modulations and have a better mixdown of some elements before going into effects.

accidentally deleted the source recording.. kdenlive still tried to compress _something_ for half an hour -_-

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Found Pamela’s quantizer and the disting mk4 is giving me a much nicer LPG for high hats then the S&H concoction I tried before (actual LPG still in transit 📦)

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After seeming loosing my 📦- it finally delivered yesterday. Here are a few snippets of my first jam. Need to tune the palcment a bit better before closing up the 🕳s

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We went there on Thursday and it left a big impression on me, even tho I’ve seen photos of some of the pieces before.

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I feel like element/matrix missed me a bit too much…

@mntmn the forum said circle-s might be interesting, too. So here is a shot of that.

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Hm… I fear I already damaged three of the battery cells in my Reform by not switching it of properly and letting it run empty accidentally. They show as 0V and it doesn’t charge at all… cc @mntmn

My @mntmn reform arrived today! Might to a unboxing and assembly stream tomorrow.

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