My @mntmn reform arrived today! Might to a unboxing and assembly stream tomorrow.

Assembly was done in about 1.5hrs! Everything working perfectly. Uploading video of the stream now.

Could have saved myself a couple of minutes but had to unscrew the keyboard again because i didn't feed the display and speaker cables through the intended holes but nothing major.

Only two small questions came up but they are answered in the FAQ. (Cable orientation of the battery pack connectors)

(Ah.. messed up the thread, trying to edit the previous message.) Here are some pictures:

Had to run some circles around YT.. here is the link, processing will take a few more moments:

@jamesvasile sure! I will ping you once I collected some more usage hours. This is making me bite my tongue right now: but once there is a proper „disk“ inside I will use it for „real“ dev work. Have been using it for some bike comparison research this morning (lots of CSS heavy browsing) and so far the CPU is fine (i was concerned about the seemingly low clock count)

@jamesvasile one thing I’m already loving a lot is the keyboard. It feels clicky but is not super load, compared to my cherry on the desk

@cryptix My fingers like it when my laptop keyboard matches my usb keyboard. (I have a thinkpad and the 0B47190 to match). And dammit, I suspect I'm going to get the MNT Reform and the matching external keyboard before this is all over...

@DigitalOffgrider good! i somehow glanced over the need for an m2 ssd but i'm really happy so far.

@cryptix ah, so you got an ssd instead? I have all three (not laptop): 4tb dual HDDs for large media files running a RAID1 btrfs, an SSD for backup from previous computer, and a new NVMe 512gig. That NVMe for sure flies, it's incredible the speeds!

@DigitalOffgrider uhm, I thought you were asking about the reform..? I have other stuff too but not sure how that’s relevant. Currently it runs just from an SD card so before I make judgments on perf I want a proper „disk“ in it.

@cryptix right, I was asking about the reform. I don't know about it; I thought only system 76 made open source hardware laptops...

@cryptix uggggghhh you are not making this easy on me. I've been going back and forth on getting one of those since they were announced...

@neutral watch the unboxing video i made if you need more input :)

@cryptix oh I did. not helping haha. my main concern is the speed I think. I'm currently rocking the m1 mac and I'm not sure to what degree it's ruined my expectations of modern computing performance. I'd be interested to know how you feel about the usability of the machine once you get your m.2 in :)

@neutral yea, I heard that thing is a beast... that being said, I worked a bit with go on Sunday on it (which was pleasant with the fast compile times helping a lot ofc) and also did a fair amount of surfing css and image heavy sites (new bike research) and it definitely didn’t annoy me at all.

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