ca fires 

@Greg Not working for me either. I'm sure it is/was under heavy load. :/

@paws I've been getting familiar with NixOS over the past month, learning how to write my own packages/derivations and getting used to living in a declarative system. It's very powerful and I've only just scratched the surface on it's potential.

@frankpodmore An embarrassing span of my existence was spent thinking that politics were not "for me." I would avoid debates amongst friends and family, and skip past news I deemed "too political." But recently it all finally clicked for me, politics are not only "for" everyone, they _are_ everyone. Armed with this realization, I'm desperately re-educating myself, opening my eyes where I had formerly kept them shut.

@tealturtle I'm okay, just working through some anger and anxiety as I start my day.


@ntnsndr As in, does the Mastodon community typically use them in the same manner or is there perhaps more perceived weight to favouriting something vs liking something, etc.

I'll interpret the one favorite on this post as a "yes". πŸ˜„

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Mastodon newbie question: Are "favorites" equivalent to "likes" on similar platforms?

Hello! :wave: I just moved in from another instance. Very excited to be here and can't wait to make new friends/acquaintances. But first, I guess I'll do the whole interests hash-cloud thing.

Looking forward to finding my place in this community, and to grow from it.

See you around!

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