Mastodon newbie question: Are "favorites" equivalent to "likes" on similar platforms?

I'll interpret the one favorite on this post as a "yes". 😄

@crenfrow I guess so. Equivalent what sense? Since the isn't an algorithmic timeline, maybe not.

@ntnsndr As in, does the Mastodon community typically use them in the same manner or is there perhaps more perceived weight to favouriting something vs liking something, etc.

@crenfrow @ntnsndr for me, I use it both as a way to "like" something but also as a way of supporting something.

When someone makes an insightful point on how they've experienced racism, for example, it's not really something I "like" in the sense that it's a painful experience someone is sharing, but it's a way of indicating I see them and appreciate the point they're making.

I really _disliked_ (ha) when Twitter moved from Star to Heart. Like they whittled down the range of response possible

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