"Far from reducing extreme poverty, the expansion of capitalism was associated with a dramatic deterioration in human welfare."


Once you realize that GDP can rise at the same time as deteriorating access to essential goods because commons-based and household production isn't as legible to econometrics as being forced to buy essential goods you used to be able to provide for yourself from a corporation is, this shouldn't be surprising at all.

#anticapitalism #anarchism

It's especially obnoxious because it was all forced down our throats because "At least it's not flash!"

And, sure, Flash was insecure, not accessible, under a single vendor's control, and had terrible performance.

Everyone insisted that the WHATWG's goal of turning a system for hyperlinked documents into an application delivery platform couldn't be questioned because it was 'useful' and 'pragmatic' and 'at least it's not flash'.

And people insisted that Google and the W3C embracing DRM was good because 'at least it's not flash'.

So now we have:

Applications that are terrible resource hogs that run in the web browser, demanding levels of RAM that would make Flash blush. But at least it's not flash.

Terrible accessibility because the actual widget structure that could be parsed and dealt with reasonably got taken away and replaced with a maze of twisty little CSS/JavaScript/HTML5 widgets, all different. But at least it's not flash.

And sure, the entire concept of DRM may be inimical to the concept of accessibility because accessibility is all about getting content, reprocessing it in all sorts of ways, and presenting it differently and DRM Is about making sure you can only access content in approved ways. But at least it's Widevine instead of Flash.

And sure we may have de facto a single vendor in charge of everything, since Microsoft dropped their browser engine for Chromium, and the Mozilla corporation seems to keep forgetting why anyone liked Firefox and is shedding market share, so they're at the point where they just follow whatever Google does…but at least it's not Flash.

(It's worse. Volunteers can and have made working flash players on their own. How much of HTML5 do you think a small volunteer force can implement in a reasonable timeframe?)

Maybe things are slightly more secure, now, thanks to all the sandboxing.
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NewPipe is an open-source streaming client for Android that lets you watch/download from YT without ads. Recently they also added support for PeerTube, Bandcamp and more. I can now stream my favourite albums from Bandcamp without dealing with a browser.


I use this to listen to music without wasting bandwidth on video streams and battery on keeping the screen on.

#Android #Music #YouTube

#PeerTube v4.3 is out! 😍😍😍
▪ automatic import of videos from a remote channel
▪ UI improvements
▪ better integration of videos and live streams
▪ more instances customizations

Discover improvements and new features of this latest version on : joinpeertube.org/news#release-

Our Matrix server recipe now supports bridging with Telegram, Discord and Signal! If you're looking to bridge online community chats, drop in to our Matrix channels to get some help setting things up. We have at least one fellow-hoster using and maintaining the bridges so far... see the configs on git.coopcloud.tech/coop-cloud/

I have no idea what people are referring to when they say things about “tech” without context like “I’m interested in tech” what the hell is “tech”? Computer programming?

The details of the meeting are still to be worked out, so do feel welcome to dip your toe in and see what it is about without having to commit to any form of membership just yet.

A meeting date poll will be published in the coming weeks.

Any questions, feel free!


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Since then, we've seen several groups using abra/the recipes in a more regular manner and sending in changes/reports and it seems like we have the beginnings of a group to start the conversation concretely!

If you want to be involved in the project, let us know! As an individual, as a group, etc.

You might already be using abra, hosting stuff internally or even getting paid to host stuff or you want to support it financially... who knows...


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Now that the beta is out, we've been trying to form up for a discussion around the idea of the Co-op Cloud Federation ™️ which can be an organisational model for hosters/hackers/user groups/etc. to make decisions together about how the project should be run.

We published a proposal some time ago on coopcloud.tech/blog/federation and got some feedback.


For those of us into participatory design, @rra recently gave a session / wrote a paper based on experiences from a project which made heavy use of Co-op Cloud: lumbung.space 👏

session: schedule.pdc2022.org/session/6

paper: schedule.pdc2022.org/papers/fc

video: yewtu.be/watch?v=5Te48nXPCeo

About a year ago I got into self-hosting and home servers and set up a jellyfin to host all my music and movies.

Then, a comrade from my workers co-op taught me how to use @coopcloud and use that to set up and configure a jellyfin instance in a matter of minutes.

Now I am using the same tools to help a collective of indie film-makers from around the world screen their movies online as part of an arts festival.

I love my job :mac:

We helped another union get online!



Another @coopcloud based setup. They're experimenting with Discourse and Nextcloud atm.

Bosses beware! :blobcatfingerguns:


We're happy to announce that we just started to work on three new interdependent online resources: the Damaged Earth Catalog, the Permacomputing wiki, and the permacomputing workshop series!


Damaged Earth Catalog

A growing online catalog of the different terms in circulation, used by communities of practice, in relation to computing and network infrastructure informed by ecological ethics, degrowth, resilience, repair, and minimalism. Currently developed by @l03s as part of her PhD research.



Permacomputing wiki

A new wiki about permacomputing that aims to expose its principles, present and discuss the concepts and jargon required to engage with permacomputing, and maintain a repository of related projects. Currently facilitated by @viznut and @320x200 open for contributors!



Permacomputing in the Arts

A workshop series that will be developed throughout end-2022 and 2023 as an onboarding course for permacomputing practices in art an design. The workshops will be made available as an Open Educational Resource. Developed by @320x200 as part of a postdoc research on the topic.


#permacomputing #ecology #art #design #technology

This Thursday, July 28th in De Aanschouw , opening at 21.00:
lumbung tv from documenta fifteen -
an 8.5 hours video loop consisting of:

- ruangrupa (2000-2014)
- Jatiwangi art Factory - New Rural Agenda Summit
- Walkie Talkie Session I with Frederikke Hansen & reinaart vanhoe
- Lecture Series #8 - CAMP notes on education (on apartheid in South Africa)
- Keroncong Tugu Cafrinho, Live at RURU Gallery, ruangrupa, Jakarta, 19 August 2014
- Ruang Kosmik vol. 19

lumbung tv is part of the website and collaborative platform lumbung.space developed by Luke Murphy and @Varia Rotterdam for documenta fifteen, on the technological basis of non-commercial, volunteer-run decentral Open Source ("Fediverse") platforms such as Peertube and Mastodon.

I won't be physically present at the opening, but video-call in from documenta fifteen.

Next to the videos, the installation displays a written and a QR code link to lumbung.space. It will be running up until October 3rd.

#lumbung #documentafifteen #varia #lumbung.space

Feminist Hack Meetings* will happen in Athens, 9 and 10 of September as part of the project A Traversal Network of Feminist Servers, supported by the European cultural foundation. In case you are in the area, the workshops will be in English and Greek. And there will be a live stream too for those who aren't :)

More details about the program available here fhm.varia.zone/
(english at the bottom of the page)
* co-organized with @anglk and @estragon

#feminist #internet

hey #froscon, kommt doch mal vorbei im dev room C125 SKA - gleich selfhosting deployment mit @coopcloud #coopcloud

Today, the Bonfire team is excited to announce our beta release 🔥🎉

We’re aware that Bonfire still needs a lot of work - like ensuring it federates as expected and improving configurability, accessibility and user experience - but that’s the point: we decided to launch at this stage with the intention of building the 1.0 release as a community.

🗞️ Blog post: bonfirenetworks.org/posts/meet

🌈 Signup on the playground instance:

We have a date and location for the next battlemesh
19 to 22 Sept 2022 in Rome
4 days only cause 23 to 25 Sept 2022 in RomHack ( romhack.camp/ )

Announcing a #LIMITS hub in Rotterdam and Leiden on June 21-22, co-hosted by #varia and d12n, our research cluster at Leiden University. Join us! varia.zone/en/varia-d12n-limit

@ntnsndr thank you! some of us have been in meetings and adjacent organising with May First members but we never had a specific chat about collaborating with this project... would be cool!

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