Now that the beta is out, we've been trying to form up for a discussion around the idea of the Co-op Cloud Federation ™️ which can be an organisational model for hosters/hackers/user groups/etc. to make decisions together about how the project should be run.

We published a proposal some time ago on and got some feedback.


Since then, we've seen several groups using abra/the recipes in a more regular manner and sending in changes/reports and it seems like we have the beginnings of a group to start the conversation concretely!

If you want to be involved in the project, let us know! As an individual, as a group, etc.

You might already be using abra, hosting stuff internally or even getting paid to host stuff or you want to support it financially... who knows...


The details of the meeting are still to be worked out, so do feel welcome to dip your toe in and see what it is about without having to commit to any form of membership just yet.

A meeting date poll will be published in the coming weeks.

Any questions, feel free!


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